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Rock Salt to Kill Weeds

It is very hard to kill weeds, in fact, it nearly feels impossible. How are you supposed to know which product to purchase when all of them promise the same thing and almost all of them hardly work? The ones that seem to really work often have so many chemicals associated with them and have been found to not be very healthy for people or the environment.

In my search for a reliable weed / stump killer I kept reading about Rock Salt. The downside that I could find is that it will often make growing anything in that area very hard for some time. Is this really the biggest downfall? I mean the approved weed killers often will annihilate anything that grows usually. Well it turns out good old fashioned rock salt will take care of the problem and its not as harmful as people say. 

Why is this something that is usually only sold in the winter? Sure people use it to salt their sidewalks but trying to buy rock salt at the hardware store can be downright difficult during the summer. The store if they have it in stock usually pallet wraps them and place them into overstock. Its hard to find someone who will or can drive the forklift to get it down for you as well. Most employees usually do not want to take the time to go find it or get it down for you either. 

I am here to say that it has nearly eliminated all of my weeds in the driveway that I have often had to spend a lot of time cutting. The salt just as you may have imagined will dry up the weeds by absorbing any water or nutrients from them and the surrounding soil by the root of the weed. This is a great solution for keeping small shrubs that have been cut down at bay as well. Sometimes it is hard enough cutting the lawn and keeping it trimmed up but having rock salt helps with the amount of time spent in maintaining the lawn.

If you are looking for a weed solution look no further, the bag I purchased is shown as below. Please note that from time to time manufacturers will change the bag so it may or may not look exactly the same but it is the same product. See the image below.

What other methods and remedies do you use to control and eliminate weeds?

Rock Salt a sure victory against weeds.
Rock Salt a sure victory against weeds.
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